The event will be held at Ctrl-H.


7608 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

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Portland weather

In early October, the weather is an unknown. The temperature last year was in the high 60’s and had a light rain. Please pack accordingly.

Getting there


The nearest airport is Portland International Airport (airport code: PDX). It is about a 20 minute drive from the airport to Ctrl-H.


You can take a train the whole way from anywhere Amtrak departs from. Book an Amtrak ticket to Portland Union Station (station code: PDX). Once you arrive at Union Station walk outside and catch a MAX Yellow Line train that is heading towards “Expo Center”. Get off the train at the North Lombard Transit Center (stop id: 11514). Ctrl-H is the brick building right across the street from the station.


Ctrl-H is on the edge of a residential area. There is free on street parking in the area.


Portland has a good bus system. The #4 line and the #77 line both stop within a block of Ctrl-H. Bolt Bus is a regional discount bus line that makes a stop in Portland. From the Bolt Bus stop it is easy to take a bus or the Yellow Max Line to Ctrl-H.


Portland is one of the most bike friendly cities in the US. Ctrl-H has a fenced in back yard that can be used for bike storage. There are also several racks within a short walk of the front door. Bikes can be brought on all buses and trains in the city. Trimet (the local public transportation service) has an integrated transit/bicycle trip planning tool which can be incredibly helpful.